Saint-Tropez, France

 The town of Saint-Tropez is located in the southeast part of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez in the department of Var. It's probably the most famous town of the French Riviera due to the influx of visiting tycoons, artists and celebrities, who place Saint-Tropez on the world stage. Its small size and population contrast with the number of ships and luxurious yachts that can be seen in the port and along the coastline during the warmer months. The town's colorful streets are welcoming and cosmopolitan, with art galleries, outdoor terraced cafes and charming decorated plazas.

The downtown area holds the Annonciade Museum, which exhibits 19th and 20th century paintings by Matisse, Cross, Derain and Marguet. Just as worthwhile is the Butterfly House (La Maison des Papillons), which is close to the port and boasts a collection of 4,500 butterflies of all types and colors. Another clearly visible landmark is the tower belonging to the church of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, which was constructed in the Baroque style in the 16th century on top of the foundation of an older church built in the 10th century. The fortress on the hill that previously belonged to the military is without a doubt the best place to get a spectacular view of St. Tropez and the bay. Also located on the hill is the Museum of Maritime History, which exhibits an impressive collection of navigation equipment, whale teeth, copies of moai statues, old photographs, and other documentation of St. Tropez's maritime history.

Saint-Tropez has three beaches, but the most well-known in the area is the Pampelonne/Tahiti beach, which is a few kilometers southeast of the town. This beach became popular thanks to Brigitte Bardot's appearance in the popular 1956 movie Et Dieu crea la femme (And God Created Woman). Details about the movie's production and St. Tropez's cinematic history can be seen at the Gendarmerie and Cinema Museum. The Gendarmerie building was the local police station from 1879 to 2003, which is famous for appearing in the 1964 film The Troops of St. Tropez (Les Gendarmes de Saint-Tropez) starring Louis de Funès. The charm and cultural richness of Saint-Tropez will leave you without any doubt about why this small town reflects the essence of the French Riviera.


Map of routes and landmarks in Saint-Tropez:

Route Descriptions

1. St.Tropez to Moutte Castle to Salinas beach:

Time20 min. walking

The route starts at the St. Tropez Tourist Office and meanders through the town, then connects with the Route des Salins ("saline route"), which passes Canebiers Bay and heads towards Moutte Castle. Once at the castle, follow the Moutte Route, which will take you to beach of Salins ("saline beach").

2. St.Tropez to Pampelonne beach:

Time20 min. walking

Follow the same route as in route 1 from the Tourist Office to the Route des Salins. Then connect with the Pinet Route, ending in the well-known Tahiti Route, which will take you directly to Pampelonne/Tahiti beach. (But don't expect Brigitte Bardot to be there waiting for you).

Port of Saint-Tropez, St.Tropez

Painters along the port

Saint-Tropez fortress, France

View of St. Tropez from the fortress

Boulevard Vasserot, St.Tropez, France

Shops on Blvd. Vasserot

Art gallery in St.Tropez, France

Art gallery

Museum l'Annonciade, St.Tropez, France
What's most popular in Saint-Tropez
1.  The old port 
2. The citadel and its museum
3. The Annonciade Museum
4. Butterfly House
5. La Ponche and Pampelonne beaches
6. Gendarmerie and Cinema Museum

The coat of arms and flag of Saint-Tropez

Important Facts


Saint-Tropez: 5,640 

With surrounding areas: 8,159

Nearby towns and cities
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Sainte-Maxime  (15 km / 9 mi)
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Nice  (112 km / 70 mi)
Saint-Tropez doesn't have a train station, but there are several ways to reach the town.
The easiest way is by car using the A8 highway and secondary highways (about and hour and a half from Nice). Several cities (including Nice, Cannes and Marseille) have connecting boat and helicopter services to St. Tropez.
The cheapest way from within the department of Var is by regional bus for 3 euros per trip.
The closest international airports are in Marseille and Nice. Though the region has a small airport, it only has three destinations available in the summer, usually for private jets and helicopters.
Useful links
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Aerial transportation:
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Tourism and Culture:
Official website of Saint-Tropez Tourism
Saint-Tropez town hall
Old town of St.Tropez, France

Old town

Annonciade Museum



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